The Fine Wine Confidential Podcast tells the story of how the modern-day Virginia wine industry has progressed during the past forty-five years and is now achieving world-class wine quality. Fred Reno interviews many of the Dominion's prominent winery owners, winemakers, and viticulturists. In their own words, you will learn why Virginia is the most exciting wine-growing State in the country.

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February 19, 2021

February 19, 2021

Michael Shaps in his Cellar at Wineworks

In Episode 2, part 1 of my interview with Gabriele Rausse, who NY Times has called the Father of the modern-day Virginia wine industry we talk about his early days during the establishment of Barboursville Vineyards and his subsequent departure in 1981.  He touches on how he began the replanting of the original vineyard site at Monticello that Thomas Jefferson had planted in the late 1770's.  He shares some humorous stories about the first 500 bottles of wine they produced and how they went without anyone trying them.  Touches on his first encounter with a Distributor and how they didn't sell the wine.  Much more.  It you hit the i button below the Podcast you can get the full Episode notes.  Stay tuned for the second segment of Episode 2 in the coming weeks.

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