Webster defines the term Relevant in this way, bearing upon or connected with the matter at hand. Pertinent.

Conversely, it describes irrelevant as; not applicable or pertinent.

Looking into the unknown future we all face today in the business world; I believe it is time to revisit the concept of Relevance.

As each of you accesses your position, business, or brand in today’s wine industry, which of these are you: relevant or irrelevant? We are all regularly confronted with the need to maintain Relevance in our lives, both professionally and personally. Never has this been truer than the unchartered waters we face in this post-COVID-19 world.

If you had a business that was not profitable before the outbreak of this Pandemic, what in the world do you believe your prospects for success are now? Profit is not a dirty word—the reality (reality, another term you will need to get used to going forward) is that profit is the market’s way of saying whether you are necessary or said in another way, Relevant.

So, how do you define Relevant and then, if not relevant, change and become just that, relevant? Good question. You might want to start by examining your long-term vision and goals for your company, your career, and position in the market. Once you have made your assessment, then the tough decisions will become visible.

I always like to ask the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up.” If you can answer that honestly and with clarity, then you will have the opportunity to chart a new course, one that will have the potential to provide a foundation for a renewed commitment to yourself and your employees. Of course, that is if you have a business or career left when we get through this Pandemic.

Fred Reno is an author and wine industry executive with over 40 years’ experience in building wine brands and providing forward looking strategic advice for wine producers in the U.S. and Internationally. You can reach him at [email protected] or view him at

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